This is kind of how it all started.  I guess I didn't see it coming 25 years or so ago when we first concocted a great drink at the Roma called Snowsnake repellent . Later as an arthritic old ski bum I started carving wood ones in my garage to sell and help get my daughters up skiing.    Snowsnakes are great gifts for the friends who fall.....a little...and even for the friends who fall....hardly at all .
I guess I've been working on this for quite awhile and finally a few years ago friends helped me trademark them. All Along the way it's been growing and presently we also offer a variety of snowsnake products. Besides the wooden trophy ones, we have some delightfully fine chocolates "Baby Snowsnakes" and as ski writer Peter Shelton said "The chocolate was really tasty; that's high-quality stuff. Ellen thought the chocolate was your best option—makes your mouth happy, and then you smile again when you read the story".
We also have some great hats with the cute little logo on them as well as the ski towns name on it. But we aren't just thinking of skiers and boarders we've discovered snowsnakes have cousins that are called Ruffsnakes.      these Wylie little reptiles live in the rough parts of golf courses feeding off of your more expensive golf balls that they they call gopher eggs.
So if you don't like yard sales on the slopes get a snowsnake hat, wood trophy and a few of these FINE chocolate babies. And if you're tired of searching for your golf balls in the long grass,... Maybe..if you were to purchase some of that fine Roughsnake apparel or accessories you'll be reminded that every time you hit your ball those ruffsnakes will be c'mon Golfers, let us help you play the short grass, where golf is fun. 
  Trophy  Snowsnakes